Myself and a few dear friends visited here on this very beautiful day back in 2016 to pay our respects our way but were not really prepared for how it would affect us
The whole experience was quite overwhelming with quite a few silent tears shed in awe of these people for whom this was their last view of England

These pictures display what is the barn at Gibraltar Farm, the codename for RAF Tempsford in Bedfordshire
This barn was the dispatch point for British agents who were about to be dropped behind enemy lines in France

The whole place was designed to appear as a working farm and, sure enough, it is doubtful the Germans ever knew where it was actually located although it is documented that a group of German agents were rounded up in the locality of the airfield during WWII

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With massive respect and in dedication to:

Andree Borrel

Lise De Baissac

Violette Szabo


2017: AUGUST: Apparently talks are now underway to turn the whole airfield site into a housing estate

Is this how we say thank you in Britain...?